The Universe is Not Your Bitch

And A Few Other Things You Need to Know If We're Going to Be Friends

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Coming Out of the Tunnel — This Week’s Astrology

August, am I right? It’s tough to remember such a tumultuous month. From the violence in Gaza and the rose of ISIS in the Middle East to the police brutality and shootings in Ferguson, Missouri, Los Angeles and other places, it’s been a month. Factor in high profile celebrity deaths like Robin Williams and, more recently, Joan Rivers, and the message becomes pretty clear.

Change is all around us.

One of the major culprits is the planet Pluto, ruler of the underworld, death, power and transition of all kinds. Some of us will be transitioning into the next world, but others will be undergoing all kinds of change here on the physical plane. Pluto’s pull is very powerful, and it moves very slowly as a celestial body. Recently, it’s been retrograde in the sign of Capricorn, asking is to review how we’ve exerted our power in the past. What’s worked, and what hasn’t? From how the police have become increasingly militarized (that’s the tense aspect currently formed between Pluto and Uranus) to how we handle our banking, elections and other foundational matters, there’s much to consider.

Since Pluto moves so slowly, we’ll all begin to feel its effects this week. Beware of trying to exert your power too much, as well as others who may want to inappropriately exert theirs. It’s a temporary thing that should clear up once the planet is direct on September 22nd.

The rest of this week’s astrology shakes out like this:

The week begins with a deeply intuitive Full Moon in Pisces. At 16 degrees, it’s a fuller expression of Pisces, widely conjuncting Chiron and trining Saturn. This is a hugeinvitation from the universe to let your hurts go. Think about everything you’d like to release, and let it go Monday night as the Moon achieves fullness. More carefully considered structure is coming, if we cooperate with the prevailing energies.

Tuesday’s Mercury square Pluto urges you to not say anything you’ll later regret. Tempers may be running high, but relying on whatever stress reduction technique you favor may mean the difference between keeping a job, friendship or marriage, and not.

Wednesday comes with new opportunities, since the Aries Moon will square Pluto (be patient!) but also trine lucky Jupiter. It’s there for the taking if you ask for it, and are willing to accept it however it’s delivered.

Thursday brings a sextile of Saturn to the Sun in Virgo, asking us to make sure we’ve constructed, even in our minds, the course of action we’re prepared to take next. Going off willy nilly is disastrous now. Instead, try to buckle down and come up with a plan that will get you where you want to be in the long run.

On Friday, a Taurus Moon trines ruler Venus and Pluto, symbolizing our coming out of the tunnel, so to speak. As the Sun moves closer to balanced Libra, the external violence diminishes somewhat, and Pluto becomes a more creative force for change. In Taurus, the Moon urges us to seek whatever we find beautiful, meaningful or tantalizing to our senses.

Finally, next weekend brings the movement of Mars into Sagittarius, the Moon’s move into opposing sign Gemini, and Mercury’s opposition to Uranus. Amazing ideas are coming to you, and you be frustrated about how to express them, or see them into fruition. But now is not the time. Remember the structure you built with Saturn’s help a few days ago. Slow and steady wins the race; whatever you’re planning won’t work if it happens overnight. The structure of a home depends on its materials, its intentions, and the care put into building it. Similarly, the change we’ll all be enjoying will take some time to unwind. Give this to yourself, and keep your head down until Pluto turns direct. The fall months look a lot better for putting that grand idea into practice.

Have a great week!

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Labor Day Experiment

Hey Tumblr People! Thanks to all my new followers. I look forward to getting to know you, and finding out more about what you do & post. 

As a little experiment, I’m offering a 20% discount off anything on my site, including already discounted packages of Intuitive Development Sessions, Manifestation Mentoring sessions, and Energy Work sessions. Good for the next 24 hours ONLY to Tumblr people

Use code TUMBLR20 at for readings, healings, online classes, books, e-books, recorded meditations and more!

I’ve never offered a discount through Tumblr before, so we’ll see how this goes. Hope you’re having a great long weekend! 

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5 Ways This Fall Is Going to Rock Your World

’m a big fan of lists. They’re easy to read, present data in a simple-to-understand way, and just look cool. Right? So as we skid toward the Labor Day weekend, the official end of summer, I’m already thinking of fall, and 5 ways this particular fall season is going to seriously rock your world:

1. I’m teaching a new online course called How to Slay Obstacles and Get Past Your Stuckness, beginning on September 10th.

How It Rocks Your World: If you want to enter this new season with a vengeance, and learn some serious tools to move past perceived blocks, this is where you need to be.

2.  Pluto’s going direct on September 20th. On paper, it may not sound like much. But this furthest out planet has the strongest gravitational pull, and is associated with everything from the underworld and darkness to transformation of all kinds.

How It Rocks Your World: Have a major makeover in mind? Pluto can help. Want to trade your stale old job for something spanking new? Look to Pluto. This planet’s direct motion in the sign of Capricorn will help all things requiring structure to move forward.

3. Mercury’s going retrograde in Scorpio. From October 4th through 25th, the communication planet will seem to move backwards in the sky, creating issues with technology and social media.

How It Rocks Your World: In Scorpio, this planet can help you you look within, and use this time to review what’s working in your emotional life, and what may need to shift. It also allows you to see more deeply into yourself and other people, even if their motivations may not always be pure.

4. Jupiter’s going retrograde. On December 8th, this planet of luck and creativity begins its backward movement in the sign of Leo (until early April 2015).

How It Rocks Your World: Examining how you may need to tweak your image, stand up for yourself, allow your light to be seen and appreciated, or just taking credit for your achievements are all highlighted under this aspect. Use these months to plan your red carpet debut, after the first week in April.

5. Uranus is going direct! On December 21st, the winter solstice, this wacky planet of genius and sudden inspiration begins to move forward again, bringing some major energy to the holiday season.

How It Rocks Your World: When Uranus changes direction, it jars loose all your great ideas, your crazy, “couldn’t possibly work scenarios, and inner genius. Even if you don’t follow up on all of these, you’ll be overflowing with excellence. Since it’s in Aries, you’ll also have a lot of energy to make stuff happen!

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How Much Do You Need?

I’m always interested, whenever I’m reading a client trying to make changes to their lives, or even manifest a future they can barely imagine now, that as they image what they want, they often see a static picture. A single photo — them with a new car, for example, or them at the altar with a smiling new bride or groom by their side.

There’s nothing wrong with this, of course. We need to have at least one image in mind so we can bring in what we’re trying to get. As our primary co-creators, the universe, our guides and guardian angels also need something to work from, a kind of blueprint so they can help us get what we’re seeking.

The issue is that the picture in our mind’s eye is often still or static, unmoving and unchanging, which is kind of analogous to 0% of real life. That’s one of the primary reasons I see people failing to manifest substantial changes, from losing weight and getting more fit to bringing in a job that’s meaningful and lucrative at the same time.

Some also leave out the major questions that would be answered in the first paragraph or two of a news story — who, what, when, where and why. Answering these questions can really help spell it out to the universe what you really want. Not what you think the appropriate thing is — what it actually is.

So the next time you’re trying to manifest a substantial change in your life, and only you know what that really is, start out by being honest. If you want money, how much? What would it take to make you feel happy and safe? Have you thought about it? Maybe now’s the time.

Of course, only the universe can determine if this number will come to fruition, but starting from that place strips off months, and potentially years, of unfruitful practice, struggling and banging our heads against the wall, wondering if our karma sucks and why are we do damned unlovable anyway?

How much would it take? When do you need it? Who else is involved, and how flexible can you be on the timing? These are the crucial questions.

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Embodying Your Power

Every once in a while, or pretty much every week, I receive messages from my guides and guardian angels about what to talk about — during my readings and healing sessions, in my online classes and even my new podcast, 10 on the Edge.

Over the past few days, as a famous comedian left us and a young man was shot to death in Missouri, we were served with the sadness and the anger, the mystery of why someone who seemingly had everything would take his own life, and why someone completely unknown could suddenly galvanize a nation.

I’ve been mediating a lot, fielding scores of email questions from impassioned clients all over the world, and handling an expanded schedule of readings and healing sessions. So much for taking a few days off at the end of August. 

I’ve also been channeling a lot, searching for the connecting fibers among these events, and finding that at the root of all these events are the notions of sacrifice and power.

Sometimes, we don’t see the abuse of power, personified so viscerally by the overly militarized police in Ferguson, MO, unless we have a sacrifice. Unfortunately, this often means that the sacrifice is supreme or ultimate, involving loss of life and leaving behind an ocean of suffering from those who loved someone, or came to love them from afar.

What does all this have to do with embodying power, though?

In order to enjoy power in ourselves, we have a few primary needs — to feed and maintain our physical and energetic bodies, to foster connection with others and the universe, and to somehow create our dreams into being. But how do we bring that into the realm of our physical forms? How do we walk around in our power all the time, without surrendering to someone else’s will or being so aggressive we alienate those we need for companionship and connection?

Embodying power means connecting, first and foremost. Agreeing not to cloister yourself from other people, in all their wisdom and imperfection. Maintaining healthy boundaries, but engaging in that give and take of interfacing with others, yet guarding and enjoying our alone time.

I’ll be writing a lot more about power over the next several months. It’s one of the themes of my new book, which comes out next year. Until then, thinking about your power, and racheting that focus down to just what you bring forward with your physical body, provides the perfect starting place.

See what you can bring today, using what you wear, how you look and feel in your body, what you radiate and how you interact physically with the world.

We’ll work our way up from there. 

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What Are You Cultivating?

One of my very favorite on the spot practices is to pause and look within to see which energies you’re cultivating. What you’re feeding or encouraging, either by accepting them, fostering them, or even actively feeding them?

It sounds very simple, but this practice really isn’t.  The looking within isn’t easy. Since most of us are trained not to do this, it takes practice to be able to look within and move beyond that rapidly moving stream of mostly egoic thoughts, feelings, beliefs just below the surface of our conscious minds — in short, the inner monologue we’re all acting out every moment of every single day.

Then it’s tough to be honest with what we find. So often, we’re encouraged and even rewarded for lying to ourselves. Sure, you can eat that and not gain a pound. Sure, you’re really a size 6, as long as we go by brand new sizing guidelines. Absolutely, you can buy anything you want on credit, with no consequences later.

Moving beneath all this, to find out what we’re really doing with our unconscious minds, with our energy and emotions, takes guts. Our emotions are often sticky, messy, less than human somehow. Wouldn’t it just be easier to shove them under the rug, or just ignore them and go shopping? Drink a little wine, maybe space out in front of the TV?

Of course, none of these things is inherently bad. Only when we refuse to acknowledge that we participate in and even co-create our reality with the universe does stuff really start to hit the fan. If we agree to take on that role, doors open, the heavens send opportunities, and most of us are a lot happier and more empowered for it.

Try it. You may find that your old way of being just doesn’t measure up to what you can do when you engage.

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If I Died

No worries. I’m not really gonna die. I mean, yeah, someday, but not anytime soon.  I have way too much to accomplish before crossing over.

But recently, I was sick. Really, really sick. I had to come up against the idea of not being here anymore, and I’m not gonna lie. That was scary as shit. Life-changing scary. Ass-freezing scary. And I moved through it somehow, and came out the other side massively changed. Not just physically, but on a molecular level. Each cell had shifted into some new space that I wasn’t ready for.

But again, I moved through it. I realized how very resilient I am, and I did it.

Since then, I use this time as a spiritual practice. Every few months, I ask myself, “If I died tomorrow, could I live with how my life has been so far? If I had to look back, whether I’m sitting on a cloud, or preparing to be born into another body, could I deal? Really? With no regrets?”

Usually, it’s yes. Mostly yes. Sure, there are times I want to make adjustments — this practice is great for revealing what needs to be worked on — but mostly I’m good with where my life is. Since so much is changing in the world now — I see so many beginnings and endings each day in my practice — it’s only fitting that we practice learning to hold on and learning to let go, over and over again, until we get really good at both of them. Many of us get the holding on part, only to fail miserably at the letting go.

Being truly healthy, and truly able to navigate the complex world of spirituality and manifestation, we need to have both of these skills. Using practices like this may not be for everyone, but I’ve found it really helpful in making these muscles stronger and, maybe ironically, make me more comfortable with the idea of possibly experiencing loss every once in a while. From there, it’s smoother sailing, with less difficult lessons to take on board.

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Happy, Happy Joy, Joy

You know those times in your life, when an unexpected check arrives in the mail, or lights seems to turn green instead of red, or opportunities just drop out of the sky? You just want to dance like these guys, with their extremely flexible bodies, right?

Me, too!

The issue most of us have is that we overlook these moments, or enjoy then for 10 seconds and then move on to the next things we want, or think we’ve been overlooked for, or just feel cheated out of in life.

What the … ?

The universe is a benevolent operation, not some twisted version of the Mafia, extorting our joy in exchange for paltry results. We don’t need to pay out in happiness points for “protection” from disappointment later. But that’s, in many instances, how we operate. We expect for things to be taken from us later. We put it out to the universe that we know the other shoes’s gonna drop eventually. So it does, to our eternal dismay.

The state of Happy, Happy Joy, Joy for Ren & Stimpy may mean a snack. Their world is pretty small. But if we make ours that way, pausing to really embrace the good fortune we enjoy, and offer maybe a little wave of gratitude, shows the universe, “I see what you did right there. I saw it and appreciated it and, maybe next time, I’ll ask for something a little bigger. Is that cool with you?

Knowing the universe the way I do, chances are it’s down for what you have in mind. Manifesting is soooo much easier when you do it this way.

May your journeys all have snacks, love, luck and dancing!

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Holy Uranus Retrograde!

Just when you thought it was safe astrologically, another planet just turned retrograde. But fear not! It’s always my contention that working with the energy of the planets is the smartest way to approach things. Pushing against something with greater mass and energy may not be the most intelligent play here. After all, the planet we’re talking about is Uranus.

Uranus is one of the transpersonal planets, lying on the outskirts of the zodiac. It’s generational, meaning that your parents probably have Uranus in one sign, and you have it in another. So it doesn’t color your personality as much as it determines how you will act and achieve within the scope of your generation.

It’s currently moving through the sign of Aries, which gives it a rather fiery and explosive feel. Under its reign, we’ve seen large-scale shootings and resulting aftermaths, debates over gun control in government circles, and renewed talks about how to handle our borders.

Uranus governs our ability to be unique, independent and forward-thinking. Steve Jobs was very Uranian. So was Jack Kevorkian. Both had a kind of maverick spirit that defined their work and their message.

When it goes retrograde, the best use of the energy is to revisit or refine the areas of our lives that are most individualistic or forward-thinking. What may need more work so we can move ahead with greater success. Maybe we have a project and the world isn’t quite ready for it. But by the time the transit ends, on December 21st of this year, the path is clear for it to take off. Maybe we go back into the past, reconnecting with others we knew before, in order to jumpstart something now. Similarly, our ideas, jobs, relationships and finances may be affected by the need to embrace more independence and critical thinking.

It’s not the best time to go off wildly by yourself. Aries wants to charge ahead no matter what, but it’s this sign’s opposite, Libra, which provides the chance to operate in partnerships with others. These become super important for the next few months, as we strive to make headway with our goals and dreams.

Of course, it will affect you most wherever you have Uranus, or if transiting Uranus will affect an angle or natal planet. Wishing you the best possible use of this sometimes challenging but always interesting planet!

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