The Universe is Not Your Bitch

And A Few Other Things You Need to Know If We're Going to Be Friends

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I don’t have to tell you that there have been a great number of changes in the sky of late. If you read this blog, you know that, astrologically speaking, we’ve been moving through an unprecedented time of late. The planets are moving forward and back, and our lives and emotions adjust accordingly. We blame the economy, love, luck — whatever. But what’s behind these changes is something a lot deeper than that.

Some of you may know that I do a monthly channeled teleconference with Gnos, an entity made up of several souls not longer incarnate on the physical plane. In striving to combine forces, they’ve offered themselves as a kind of living library, to help people see current events in the context of history, and realize that they have more control over what happens next than they may realize.

Last night’s call was especially interesting (it’ll be available in the store as a download by Monday). Gnos spoke about Kali Yuga, a time of distress, darkness and decay, indicating how several of our ruined cities are already reminders of what can come if we’re not proactive. but they also outlined steps we can take to mitigate the creep of this decay. At the core of this teaching was acceptance of change. Sounds simple, but it’s anything but.

Accepting that things may be uncomfortable, that they may need to be this way for a while, is part of the battle. Not taking it personally when our dreams are deferred, or denied, or even challenged, is the second part of this. Miracles happen when energies accrete. When we join forces with others to affect change right back, we’re more powerful than we know.

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The Season of Directs

After a hellacious spring filled with difficult (to put it mildly) aspects, we’re slowly emerging from the haze of several retrograde planets. To recap, this is when planets appear to be moving backward in the sky, and bring a sense of stuck energy or increased obstacles to whatever we’re trying to achieve.

Mercury went direct on July 1st in the sign of Gemini, where it will remain until July 13th. This will mean that, slowly but surely, as this Messenger planet returns to its retrograde degree, that things will begin to feel more relaxed, more on track and moving forward again. We’ll have fewer dropped calls and more reasons to celebrate.

The next transpersonal, or outer, planet to go direct will be Saturn, which will move forward on July 20th. Since Saturn rules limitations, regulations, parameters and structure, this retrograde time has been about shoring up any structures in our lives, any rules we live by, anything we count on. This planet will go direct in the sign of Scorpio, a Water Sign, meaning that our regulations, limits and structures may also be emotional in nature, or even metaphysical. This may mean that stronger or more appropriate boundaries are in order, or that learning to say NO is the rule of the day. Whatever the case in your life, it’s imperative to use these last several days consciously, to look deep within (Scorpio) to use Saturn’s energy wisely.

The next planet to flip during this season of “directs” will be powerhouse Pluto, on September 22nd. That will bring huge transformation to all things Capricorn, including tradition, banking, the law and the power of the dollar. Between now and then, it’s best to shore up any areas of your chart (and your life) that need the sense of things being “the way they’ve always been.” This area will be tested more than any other as Pluto goes direct and moves through the rest of its run in Capricorn.

Enjoy your own season of “directs,” wherever it takes you. Just be a little extra careful on the road, or while traveling. Planets changing direction can be a little confusing, if you’re not paying complete attention.

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Effortless Gratitude

Last night, I was about to get out of my parked car to attend a play. I checked my mirror, opened the driver’s side door about a foot, and within the space of a few seconds, someone collided with my door and wrenched it nearly off the frame of my car. In shock, I looked down to make sure that I hadn’t stepped foot outside the car — I couldn’t be sure. Thankfully, I was very shaken, but in one piece, as was the person who hit me.

I’ve become used to (I use this term lightly, since I’m not sure if you ever truly get used to this kind of thing) those little wake-up calls from the universe — to pay more attention, to be more grateful, to notice the minute by minute reality around you. A few years ago, I briefly had cancer, and the same thing happened. In the blip of a few months’ time, I went from terrified and powerless to leading meditations for marshaling white blood cells to kill cancer cells. And while I don’t know completely why last night’s accident happened, I do know that the gratitude that follows is effortless. I don’t have to try to contact it. A few more inches, and I could be dead, carried out of existence on the hood of a car, or sent to the hospital on a stretcher.

Not to be dark, or cloying, or fishing for sympathy, but it’s real, right? Each of us thinks, from time to time, about how it all ends. How we’ll shuffle off this mortal coil either peacefully, surrounded by friends and family, violently, suddenly, or as the victim of a prolonged and expensive illness. No need to go there, unless you’re practicing with impermanence.

But maybe pay a little more attention as the moments of your life tick by. Pay more attention on the road. Try to minimize distractions, in all areas of your life. And for God’s sake, try to find that sweet spot where you’re not really reaching for gratitude but living in it easily, effortlessly, perfectly.

May you live long and in perfect joy.

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Bring Me the Head of All that Hurts

People who know me and have worked with me know that I’m not a conventional psychic. I don’t fish around for possible “hits” or do cold readings like many famous intuitives out there, and would also prefer to begin with your questions, rather than giving you weak information that doesn’t really help you in your daily life.

I had a bit of an epiphany today, though, realizing that I’m really here to help stop suffering, at least the unnecessary kind. I’ve spent about 18 years studying Buddhism, which gives me a foundation in meditation, compassion and other skills. But Buddhism also traffics in suffering, how we fragile humans often fall into patterns of suffering because we cling to things, to people, to results we’d prefer to see, pushing away and even loathing what we don’t want in our lives. Understandable, of course. It’s all very natural from our perspective.

But all this clinging to what we want creates a certain kind of tension against the inevitable. Things end. People’s lives end. Relationships end. The impermanent nature of life means that even we will end, at some point. By clinging, we prefer to forget that little fact, forgetting again and again and again every time we get pissed off that someone’s just cut us off, or our tax refund is late, or we don’t get the job we really, really wanted. To us, it’s all personal. And then we suffer.

My guides showed me this morning that I am one of those people who’s been asked during my lifetime to help alleviate suffering. Of course, I’m not alone. Many, many thousands, if not millions, have also been chosen to work toward this end, in a variety of ways. All are valuable, and help us yearn with a little more clarity toward our life’s lessons.

The thing is, I get it. For some reason, because of all my inclinations and experience, because of all my foibles and imperfections and mistakes, I get human suffering. We don’t mean to screw up, we just do sometimes. We don’t mean to get in our own way, but our inclination is to do just that sometimes. So if you’re hurting, if you’ve got a problem you’re just confused as hell about, feel stuck inside, and are fighting with all the strength you’ve got left in you, let me help you. Bring me the head of all that hurts.

I may be known as a psychic, but I prefer to think of myself as a healer, a teacher, and a person who cares so deeply about the world that there’s pretty much nothing you could tell me that would make me not see you in all your perfectly imperfect human glory. I’m human, too, so I get being a complete idiot sometimes. Or at least feeling that way.

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How Are You Using Your Mercury Retrograde Period?

Mercury entered one of its famous retrograde periods on June 7th, which usually sends most of my clients running for the hills. BTW, Mercury is never “in retrograde.” It’s either Mercury IS retrograde, or Mercury is moving through a retrograde time or period. Just one thing that irritates me. Maybe no one else cares.

Because our media love drama, Mercury retrograde has been promoted as a time when you should stay at home, tape the windows and hide under the covers. For these three weeks or so, you should assume that everything will go wrong, or worse.

But in reality, Mercury retrograde, aside from usually minor annoyances with dropped calls, missed messages, or computer glitches, is a time of editing. If you choose to, you can use it to reflect on what you’ve achieved, consider what you’d like to do next, and even revisit your battle plan for getting it all done.

If you’re writing or revising anything — a musical piece, a painting or drawing, or even a relationship — it’s important to consider what has worked to date, and what really hasn’t. That will stand you in good stead for the future.

Finally, this is a great time for reviewing. Checking in with your body, mind and spirit means giving yourself the care you need and deserve, but also that you can discover new things about yourself. Maybe repeated headaches mean it’s time to quit caffeine. Maybe tight pants indicate a need to exercise. And maybe, just maybe, your spirit’s call means exploring a new part of your esoteric nature, without any more excuses.

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What Do You Really Want?

You know those times when the universe gives you pretty much exactly what you’ve been asking for, and it doesn’t come in precisely the way you’d imagined, or even hoped, but it’s happening just the same? When you can tell things are changing, and you kind of wish you could control it, but know at the very same time that you can’t? And part of you knows that you just need to strap in and get ready for the ride of your life because, essentially, you’re not in control of any damn thing?

That’s what it’s like out there right now.

I do a lot of channeling anyway, just to keep up with my own curiosity. I’ve always wanted to look behind the curtain and see how things work, why they are the way they are, and this search has been very gratifying over the course of my life so far. These days, I keep picking up the need to be super clear about what we want. It’s as if the Creator is requesting a detailed list of what we really want, down to the very last thing. On a good day, the Creator brings us what it feels we want, offering it or asking us to communicate our needs or wants for something different. Now it’s up to us to provide the Creator with extra clarity.

I say this for two reasons. The first is that I’ve been picking up a kind of acceleration, or need to become who we came here to be a little faster. While that may be great news for some, and terrifying to others, it’s time that we accept the mantle of this responsibility at this time. Secondly, the Creator needs more details so it can help us achieve our unique mission in this lifetime. I’ve tracked, as have many others, our human race moving through a kind of darkness now, and the need for lightworkers to begin “coming out of the closet” (for lack of a better term) to help dispel this.

Giving thought to what we really want now — it may not be a hot car, after all — helps us align with our life purpose, and begin vibrating with the universe at large. All of a sudden, doors begin to open, and we can walk through them to accept what we were sent here to do, to be, and to achieve.

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The Fallout

From the looks of things among my clientele, it’s been a rather harsh astrological period for most. Intense energies have split couples apart, caused rifts in families, ended jobs and friendships, and caused some, like us, to move on.

Our noisy neighbor finally got the best of us — well, it wasn’t much of a fight; we just need quiet, and he seems to need chaos — and we’ve moved offices to more peaceful climes. So far it’s been fun getting to know the other inhabitants of the building, and adjusting to a new neighborhood. Not that we can find everything yet, but we’re working on it!

Likewise, many of you are dealing with the fallout, once the major aspect of change has affected your life. This is the time that asks us to be bigger than we are, to rise to the occasion, lean into our emotions and feel them honestly. No sense pushing down the grief of a breakup to pretend you’re ready to date again, because you’re probably not. And no use pretending you’re over that friend anyway, or that family member. Because most likely, you need some time to process.

The fallout’s one of those times that can either become really delusional or really inspirational, depending on how you handle it. If you’re willing to look for the meaning within the external circumstances, letting it arise in your consciousness when it’s ready, you can enjoy intense shifts in perspective, and great wisdom. If not, and you marinate in your anger, fear and frustration, you’l likely stay there for a long time, stagnating your energy and becoming weighed down by something your rational mind may not be able to handle.

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The Divergent Path

I haven’t seen the movie based off the mega-successful YA book franchise yet, but I know what divergent feels like. Everyone claims to identify with it (hence the success, I guess), and yet everyone claims to feel divergent from the norm in some way that’s unique only to them. Over the past week or so, I’ve felt especially divergent in one important way from the people around me.

I know it’s become fashionable, hell even normalized, to not care. To rise above, or be cooler than whatever you’re facing. To pretend that nothing bothers you, and you’re just so damned evolved that nothing would ever bother you. I’m not like that.

I prefer to feel, to let hurt kill me a little, to let joy lift me up, to let the other emotions take me where they will. This is not to say that I walk around like an emotional crazy person all the time — not at all. But I do feel.

In our world of pushing feelings away — from over-medication to wanting to rush through the boring, go nowhere relationships to get to the “real” one, and even skating past any “bad energy” — we don’t allow ourselves the time and space we need to grieve. To feel apart. To heal.

I’m not like that either. And frankly, I don’t want to be like that.

It doesn’t solve anything to pretend to rise above your world. It doesn’t secretly fool the universe into just bringing you good stuff from here on out. It doesn’t make the heartache and the worry and the moments of doubt any less real. Dulling them with addictions of one kinds or another, from drugs and alcohol to food, sex, gambling or even being addicted to your own pain only succeeds in, well … dulling them. This is temporary, so the pain, or the frustration, or the anger at not being where you want to be only intensifies later. It amplifies itself, needing to be heard, to rise above the din you’ve created in your life, to pretend it’s not there.

It says, “Hear me, God damn it! I’m not going away until you listen.”

And in that moment you have two choices: You can clap your hands over your ears and pretend that it’s all good in the ‘hood, or you can get in there and begin to heal your own patterns, your own beliefs and issues, in order to stop the racing thoughts, the painful memories, and troubling images that build up behind your eyes.

You can make this choice and jump in with both feet, or just dip one toe in for now. But in time, if you’re really serious about healing, you’ll notice that things don’t feel as scary. That you are lighter, and more buoyant, and don’t rely on others as much, or not in unhealthy ways. And you believe in yourself, perhaps for the first time, and your ability to make of your life exactly what you want and need it to be.

On that day, you’ll be truly free.

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Channeled Message - 5/16/14

I don’t normally do this, but several beings I channel on a regular basis have wanted a larger outlet to my blog readers for the past few days. So here’s a recent channeled message from them:

You do not have to worry about small issues and catastrophic cares, Dear Ones, Dear Children of Our Universe. We wish to speak to you briefly through the medium of this channel to receive and send accordingly.

The one we call Ally has been sent to overcome obstacles in her own life, but also to rise a light above many of your heads. She has come to earth this time around to better the environment around her, and to empower those she touches to do the same. Her willingness to do this makes her one of our favorite students.

But we digress. We wish to speak about those who have come by her office and the realms we populate as well, signaling that they do not know the correct timeframe of purpose for their lives now. We wish to say that the purpose you have been seeking arrives in 2014 and 2015, accordingly. You have been sent also with a high-minded purpose which involves spreading light and love into the galaxy. The means you do this will vary from person to person. One may be a nurse and provide love and support in a surgical suite. Another may arrive at a job to fix cars all day and protect others from serious harm. We wish to include all the various tools and professions in our message, because you all have an important part  to play.

Those seeking to sharpen focus on purpose now, or even change directions, toward a career that provides more meaning, must visit now and again with intuition within themselves. Sharpening intuitive skills not only helps you to make important life decisions, but prevents you from falling into the little life potholes we so assiduously try to protect you from. It is not a time for seriousness or tip-toeing. This time is about action, with your planet Mars about to go direct. Taking stock will only be permitted for a few more days, and then as need to begin shoving most of you into sometimes uncomfortable situations so you’ll get moving toward the part you were meant to play.

if this does not feel good to you, we apologize in advance for the pain or discomfort. We wish to stress only positive messages, but the way our life is structured, that is not allowed as an option. We strive to direct as calmly and rationally as possible toward your goals and life purpose. But if you should find yourself hurtling in a direction you had not anticipated shortly, do not blame us.

We are with you, and strive to make the journey pleasant and meaningful. Your guides and angels say hello.

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Ready for Some Shifting?

Lately, we’ve all been through the astrological mill, to a certain extent. How ground up and spit out you feel is probably directly related to what your chart looks like, how it’s being affected, and how flexible you are when dealing with change.

Tomorrow, we’re in for another round of astrological shifts, in the form of a Scorpio Full Moon, which will bring to light whatever’s been hidden from view in your life. The Full Moon also brings one cycle to a close to you’re free to begin another cycle at the next New Moon  (that’ll happen on May 28th, in the sign of Gemini).

At the same time, Jupiter and Chiron will trine the Moon Jupiter will trine Chiron (making a Grand Water Trine), the Moon will conjunct Saturn and Venus will square Pluto.

So as whatever’s been hidden from view comes to light, expect some sadness and release. Jupiter, Chiron and the Moon trining in Water Signs shows that emotions will be involved, for sure, but that healing is not only possible, but likely. Chiron facilitates painful lessons and rapid healing, as long as you’re willing to engage in the painful emotions and resulting, ongoing practices.

Finally, Venus (standing in for the feminine energy and creativity) is not getting along with transformative Pluto. Whether that has you butting up against people or authority figures who aren’t ready to hear your ideas or deal with your unique creative mind, it’s just not the right time for what you’re bringing. By the time this aspect separates, in a few days, you’re older and wiser for the experience, and can either edit what you’re doing, or look for other people/situations that are offering a friendlier landing place.

The short “answer” to this time period is to ride the wave, without attempting to control what’s happening. Healing is in the air in a big way, so be in the lookout for healing types in your environment, or healing modalities you feel drawn toward, which can offer relief from the intense energies out in the world right now.

Hiding under the covers won’t do it, unfortunately. But I’m here if you need me. :)

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